Relief from an Immovable Obstruction

Sign on 3rd hole
Direction of play

The photos accompanying this blog post are taken on the LHS of the 3rd hole at Pelican waters Golf Club.  One of the photos was an actual photo taken when I found myself near the sign, and I was able to take relief as the sign was immovable and it interfered with my swing.

My ball

The other photo was staged a few days later to provide a talking point about where to take relief.

Staged ball

I don’t intend to provide answers at this stage, except to say that it is VERY important to keep in mind that when taking relief from an immovable obstruction, there is ONE and only ONE, nearest point of relief.  On some occasions this may be in the middle of a bush, next to a tree, on a path.  Finally, remember, that you then have one club length from the nearest point of relief in which to drop the ball.  In measuring that club length, you should use the club you intend to use when you play your next shot.

(The nearest point of relief is obviously different for a left-handed player).

I look forward to any responses you might have and I will publish my thoughts in a week or so.