Golf Rules -some interesting scenarios

Because I have developed a keen interest in the Rules of Golf and have sat and passed a number of Club level exams as well as the R&A Level 1 exam, I am often asked for my opinion about a situation or situations that have arisen, often just that day, at my club.

It can often be daunting to be asked to give an answer on the spot, because quite often, a key piece of information might not be given, or the person making the query has used the wrong terminology. What I hope to do in this blog is over the next few months, deal with queries and questions that have arisen in the past, or will come up.  Hopefully, I will be able to add some photos to make the situation better to understand.

The first question is particularly relevant since the Men’s Foursomes is being played tomorrow at my Club.

Mike and Dave are partners in the Foursomes.  Mike tees off on the 5th hole and pulls his ball directly into the water in front of the tee.  They decide that their best option is to play another ball from the tee.  The question is: who has to play the ball, Mike or Dave?

The answer is Dave, and they are now playing their 3rd shot, with a penalty being applied. The general principle to keep in mind is that a penalty does not alter the order of play.

(An interesting aside to this question relates to what would happen if it was a Mixed Foursomes event, and Mike this time was partnered by Betty.  Mike again has teed off on the 5th and hit his ball into the water, so they decide to play again from the tee.  However, this time, it is Betty who has to play the shot, but because she is a woman, this does not mean she gets to play off the Ladies’ tees.)